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Winterization: Is Your Home Ready?

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Winter is Coming to Denver!

The weather is starting to turn ugly and before you know it, winter will be here along with the snow, ice and cold. This year’s farmer’s almanac is calling for an even colder winter then us Coloradan’s are used to. Prepping your home for a Denver winter (winterization) is not only beneficial in keeping your electricity bills in check, but it’s also important for keeping you and your family safe!

Why Winterize Your Denver, CO Home?

Winterization is a good way to help secure your home from potential repairs and disasters, such as fires, carbon monoxide leaks and burst pipes, that can occur in a home if it hasn’t been properly maintained. Not only will you help protect your home through winterization, but you may also save energy and money. Heating isn’t cheap, and energy bills tend to be higher when the temperatures drop. If your home has drafty windows or improper sealing you may end up wasting 5-30% of your energy usage, due to escaped air.

But it’s not impossible to keep your energy bills consistent and your home warm this winter. You can keep your Denver home warmer, more energy efficient and protected with just a few simple tricks that may save you $500-$1500 this winter. See our winterization tips below!

Tips to Winter Proof Your Colorado Home:

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