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6 Whole-House Color Palettes to Refresh Your Home in 2022

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If you’re remodeling or redecorating your home, choosing a color palette can make the entire process easier. It’ll act as a guide for choosing your flooring, decor, furniture, and, of course, paint colors!

In need of a little inspiration? We’re here with some tips and tricks for creating whole house color palettes, 6 color schemes you can use yourself, and ideas for more to help you create the perfect space, whether that’s your kitchen, bathroom or living room.

How to Create a Color Palette For Your Home

Choosing a color palette for your home is easy with these tips from the pros:

Here are six color palettes to spark inspiration:


Great for: bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms
Some people associate monochrome with stark white rooms. But sticking to one color doesn’t have to be boring or dreary!

When choosing a monochromatic color palette, opt for a few shades of the same color and be sure to break it up with different neutrals. A monochromatic color scheme is a great choice for rooms with lots of windows, like this living room. The windows open the room up and create visual interest without adding to the limited color palette.

monochromatic color palette

Jewel Tones

Great for: living rooms, dining rooms
Bright, bold jewel tone color palettes are having a moment in interior design. Look through home decor magazines or blogs and you’ll see shades of emerald, magenta, and goldenrod adorning walls in every room of the house.

But painting a room, or even an accent wall, such a bold color can be nerve wracking! If you’re not comfortable with that, you can incorporate jewel tones into your home in a less bold way with furniture and accessories like throw pillows, blankets, and wall decor like in this living room. With jewel tone color schemes, a little can go a long way.


jewel tone room color palette

Earth Tone Color Palette

Great for: bedrooms, living rooms
On the opposite end of the spectrum from jewel tones are earth tones. Unlike jewel tones, earth tones are calming and tend toward a more natural palette. Earthy doesn’t mean all neutral, though! Nature-inspired colors like tan, olive green, and terracotta are a great way to create a warm, relaxing space.

Start with a warm-toned wall color, a neutral couch, and decor and accessories in a few earthy colors.

earth tone color palette

Complementary Colors

Great for: living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms
Complementary colors are more than just colors that look nice together, they’re colors that create the strongest contrast. How do you know if colors are complementary? Think back to that color wheel from elementary school art class. The colors across from each other on the wheel, like green and purple or blue and orange, are complementary.

Using two complementary colors is a great way to create a dynamic room. Whether you go all out and paint your space in complementary colors or play it a little smaller like this living room, choosing complementary colors instantly makes any room look cohesive and beautiful.

complementary color palette

Bathroom Color Palette Ideas

Since bathrooms have a very specific function and are some of the smallest rooms in a house, it’s important to choose color carefully. Since darker colors can make a room look even smaller and bright colors may feel too chaotic in such a small space, light colors and neutrals are best for your bathroom color palette. Neutrals are classic and tend to be perenially trending bathroom colors. 

bathroom color palette idea

Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas

Choosing a kitchen color palette may be one of the harder choices throughout your home. It’s already a busy area, and too much color can make it feel even busier. If all-neutral kitchens aren’t your style, a good approach for kitchen color schemes is choosing one bold color and a few neutrals to work with.

These green kitchen cabinets really stand out from the white subway tile walls and wooden ceiling beams. If you don’t want to commit to painting your cabinets during a kitchen remodel, color schemes can be incorporated through a wallpaper or even a colored tile backsplash.

kitchen color scheme

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