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Trending Front Door Colors

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Whether you’re moving into a new-to-you home or just looking to freshen up your home’s exterior, replacing your front door is a sure way to change up your home’s style. Even if you go with the same style of door, simply choosing a new color can completely alter the way your home appears to passersby. What colors are popular among today’s homeowners? Let’s go in-depth on front door colors. 

Intentional Color Choices Matter

There are so many choices that go into updating or moving into a home. Your front door’s color is just one, but it’s one that may matter quite a bit when it comes to representing your home and family. A brighter color is bold and fresh, whereas a soothing neutral welcomes quietly but warmly. Intentional choices to bring the right statement to your front porch can make a big difference!

white door

Neutral White and Cream

Whites and creams as well as slightly darker beiges are perennially popular choices for homes of all sorts of styles. They’re a great choice in particular for traditional homes, and provide a soothing contrast against brick or darker vinyl slats. These colors provide a neutral backdrop for wreaths or door decor that won’t draw the eye away from your chosen decorations. 

black door

Contemporary Black and Gray

If you favor modern style, you’re likely considering black or gray for your entry door. These colors add sleek sophistication to your front porch, elevating your entry door and complementing most siding options. Black and gray work well in particular with minimalist looks, though you can always add your own style and dress up your front porch as you choose. 

Black is also shaping up to be one of 2022’s most popular color choices for doors. It’s not hard to see why! 

red door

Warm Red and Purple

Want something that pulls attention right to your home? Go with red or purple. These provide a pop of color along with a burst of warmth, which look lovely against light neutral siding. Red in particular evokes a cheerful energy that brings a smile to houseguests when they come to visit. 

turquoise door

Cool Blue and Green

Blues and greens are perfect for coastal homes, but also strike a pitch-perfect note farther inland! In color theory, blue and green are both noted for their soothing properties. Something a little different, these colors are a break from the expected and bring eyes directly to your front door. These doors are beautiful against white or light gray siding options. 

Can A Front Door Color Improve Home Value? 

Could something as simple as the color of your home’s entryway door impact your home value on the housing market? Yes! If you’re considering selling your home, a neutral color is a wise choice. Not only does this make your home easily customizable for its next owner, but it provides a good “blank slate” for prospective buyers to envision their own style against. 

Liven Up Your Front Door Today

Ready to change up your front door’s look? Replacing your entry door is a simple procedure with our professional team. Plus, we keep up with trending and traditional color palettes alike, bringing plenty of options for you to choose to help your home’s first impression match your personal tastes. Get in touch with us today for a free quote! 

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