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The Best Windows for Popular Colorado Home Styles

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Known for its dynamic cultural scene, it’s no surprise that Denver, Colorado’s real estate is in its own league. Understanding your home’s style is an essential part of making home upgrades and staying true to its architectural roots. We’ve highlighted five popular home styles commonly seen in Denver, with advice on the best replacement windows to match.

Victorian Homes


Like many others throughout the United States, Victorian-era homes came to life during the mid-1800s to early 1900s. Victorian homes flaunted the status of a homeowner through detailed architecture and intricate, ornamental features. Gothic Revival and Italianate-inspired homes were the first to emerge in America, equipped with steeply pitched roofs, gables and plenty of detail. The Victorian Era in England spanned a 63-year period, so it’s not surprising that the term, “Victorian homes” can refer to any of the ten most common style subsets.

You’ll likely see bay windows incorporated into the Italianate, Second Empire, Romanesque Revival and Folk Victorian styles, as they add interior space and visual appeal to the exterior.

Craftsman Bungalows

craftsman home with replacement entry door

Historically, the term “Craftsman” refers to the 20th-century style of a home, whereas “bungalow” refers to the small, cottage-like build of a home. The two terms have become synonymous in recent years and summarize a simple, well-planned and charming American style. Craftsman bungalows are one-story (or one-and-a-half-story) houses with wide front porches. With low-sloped gabled roofs and deep overhangs, Craftsman bungalows nestle comfortably in the Denver landscape. Groups of double-hung and casement windows keep these homes airy and bright.

Mid-Century Modern Homes

mid century modern home with replacement windows

Originally conceptualized during World War II, the mid-century modern style has grown into a wildly popular exterior and interior style. Wide profiles, open floor plans and clean lines give these homes a simplistic—yet modern—feel. You’ll likely see these homes surrounded by natural elements like koi ponds or gardens filled with native plants. Blend the indoor-outdoor line with 2-lite or 3-lite sliding windows.

Tudor Revival

Tudor architecture has a place throughout history, with origins dating back to the House of Tudor’s reign in England from the 1400s to 1600s. Right before the turn of the 20th century, the Tudor Revival had its claim to fame in the United States, taking an Americanized approach to the traditional English style. Steeply pitched roofs, half-timbering and red brick are three main elements of Tudor Revival. Custom replacement windows are the best option for the multi-paned, gridded window design typically seen in Tudor Revival homes, especially for diamond-shaped panes.

Mountain Cabins and Log Houses

Log cabins are known for their cozy allure and rustic design, and they’re especially popular in mountain regions like the Rockies. Historically, log homes are small, typically consisting of one room with a fireplace and chimney. Nowadays, log cabins are more luxurious and complex, incorporating room partitions, lofts and porches into their design. You’ll likely see windows that provide interrupted views of the natural landscape, like picture windows or garden windows.

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