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It’s Summer in Colorado! Is Your Backyard Space Prepared?

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Check out a few tips for updating your Denver patio or backyard!

Though July is historically the hottest month in Denver, June has certainly given it a run for its money!

However, as most Denver residents know, that could change in a matter of hours. Thanks to Denver’s geographical nature, we are no strangers to sudden changes in weather. While one day may be sunny and scorchingly hot, the next may bring mild temperatures and flash flooding.

The point is, whatever weather Denver throws our way, it’s important to ensure that your outdoor space is prepared to withstand it.

Preparing Your Patio or Backyard for Summer

Do you have the proper tools to protect your home from undesirable summer weather, such as storms or heavy rain? Is your patio updated and ready for enjoyment when the summer weather is perfect? Window World of Colorado has a few tips to make sure you’re prepared for any occasion!

1. Check the Condition of Your Patio Doors.

Are your patio or backyard doors in good condition? It’s important to check not only the functionality of your door, but also the appearance and performance of it. If your door is no longer opening or closing easily, or is letting hot air slip in, it may be time to replace it. It’s imperative that your doors be energy-efficient to keep your home cool during hot summer days and warm during snowy winter days.

Alternatively, if your door is simply outdated and bringing down the appearance of your space, new patio doors could do wonders for your design. Window World patio doors offer superior functionality, energy-efficiency and design. With our patio doors you can easily open your home to the wonders of nature on good days, and protect yourself from harsh weather on bad days.

Not to mention, can you imagine the look on your neighbors’ face as they walk through your beautiful new French doors to get to the backyard neighborhood gathering? Priceless.

2. Create a Backyard Haven to Call Your Own

The beauty of your backyard or patio lies in the details. Sure, a simple manicured lawn with a few pieces of furniture is great; but, what if your backyard was your very own oasis? You could spend long, summer days simply soaking in the wonders of nature in a space that was customized just for you.

What will you choose to do for your backyard? Will you add a fish pond for maximal serenity or build a new deck for the whole family to enjoy? Perhaps you have a long-lost green thumb that’s been itching to start a garden. Plant your outdoor plants outside, then watch them flourish from a new kitchen garden window — perfect for housing your kitchen herbs and indoor plants.

The best part? It’s all up to you. You have a blank canvas… start painting your dream backyard.

3. Install a Storm Door.

Installing a storm door is a simple, yet highly effective update for your home. When weather gets rough, storm doors offer an added layer of protection, acting as a buffer between the harsh elements of nature and your home.

Plus, storm doors are not only useful in stormy weather. If you want to enjoy the 300 sunny days Denver offers, Window World retractable screen storm doors are the perfect option for you. During undesirable weather, close off your door for protection, but when the sun is back out and temperatures are mild, open up to the screen to enjoy the desirable elements of nature, right in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine the gentle breeze blowing through your screen door on a crisp afternoon or the ambient sound of the kids playing in the backyard on a beautiful day. You can almost feel it, right?

Get Started on Your Backyard Updates Today

Are you ready to start enjoying your backyard again? Whether you want to take baby steps, or transform your space all at once, Window World of Colorado is here to help! Contact our experienced team of professionals to learn how our products can contribute to your new backyard oasis.

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