Podcasts for Fans of Home Decor and DIY Projects

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Podcasts are the go-getter’s best friend. They allow us to listen, learn and mentally unwind while checking off our to-do lists. And there’s something for everyone: true crime, comedy, celebrity gossip, politics and more—if you’re interested, it’s available. To help our home design and DIY enthusiasts find inspiration, innovation or even help with their next projects, we’ve put together a list of podcasts worth checking out. Take a listen—your home will thank you!

For the Listener Whose Home is Magazine-worthy

Home design comes easily for some, resulting in picture-perfect rooms and decor. For the listeners with an eye for interior design and the industry’s latest trends, or for those learning to decorate like the professionals, we recommend:

1. “Design Time” – Domino Magazine presents weekly episodes that feature industry tastemakers providing tips on how to transform your home’s interior. 

2. “How to Decorate” – From planning to placing, this podcast from Ballard Designs is geared towards decorating novices with a desire to learn how to elevate their home’s design.

3. “The Business of Home” – Interviews with interior design experts keep design-savvy listeners in the loop on industry challenges and changes.

For the Listener Who Always Has a Project

The handy (and not-so-handy) listeners with a penchant for home renovation and craft projects may find more of what they’re looking for in podcasts for DIY enthusiasts.

1. “Shop Talk Live” – Take a deep dive into the craft of woodworking with this step-by-step process podcast from Fine Woodworking Magazine.

2. “Rendered” – This informative podcast explores the impact of DIY culture on individuals and the design industry—and there are plenty of archival episodes to dig into! 

3. “The Money Pit” – Home improvement doesn’t have to drain your bank account! This podcast helps listeners find savings in sinking home renovation projects.

For the Listener Who Likes to Look Within

Home design can be appreciated on another level with podcasts that explore beyond—and beneath—visuals and aesthetic appeal. 

1. “99% Invisible” – This hugely popular podcast takes listeners into the engineering and architecture behind everyday beauty, highlighting the ideating and work that goes into creating something worth looking at.

2. “Design Matters” – Explore the artist’s life and what goes into making art with this interview-based podcast featuring creatives of all crafts. 

3. “Adventures in Design” – Daily episodes examine the creative process through interviews with creators, artists and designers. It also includes time management tips to help your own process!

For the Listener Who Can Upcycle Anything

Vision is key for listeners who enjoy upcycling furniture or other home items, giving new life to secondhand items with stories to tell.

1. “Reclaimed Audio” – This podcast encourages listeners to recycle and upcycle as often as possible, highlighting innovative upgrades that can be made with just a little elbow grease.

2. “The Chairish Podcast” – Produced by secondhand furniture retailer Chairish, this podcast brings industry expertise to repurposed design.

3. “Life on the Upcycle” – This podcast provides tips for living—and designing—more sustainably in daily life. 

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