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Are Triple-Pane Windows Worth the Investment?

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When Denver-area residents are upgrading their homes, one of the most important considerations is whether these upgrades will be worth the investment they require. Windows that protect against Colorado’s cool climate are one of the more important exterior investments you’ll have. There’s plenty of information online about what window is best for your home, but so much of it is conflicting that it can be overwhelming. Triple-pane windows are a great choice, but whether they’re right for you is something only you can answer! 

We’ll lay out what triple-pane and double-pane windows are, how they differ and then go over the pros and cons so you can make the informed decision you and your home deserve. 

What are Double-Pane Windows?

Double-pane windows have two panes or sheets of glass in each window. Both panes contain spacers and have an insulating agent like argon gas between the panes, ensuring energy efficiency and weather protection for your home. Double-pane windows provide adequate protection for most climates, but aren’t as effective against harsh winter weather conditions.

What are Triple-Pane Windows? 

Triple-pane windows contain three panes of glass with two layers of argon gas sandwiched in between. They’re the most technologically advanced window on the market, bringing unmatched energy efficiency and protection to your home. Triple-pane windows are well-suited for use in climates that experience cold winter temperatures or as a noise protectant for homes in urban environments.

Double-Pane vs. Triple-Pane Windows

If your home doesn’t experience extreme cold, double-pane windows will serve as plenty of protection against the elements. However, for harsh winter conditions, triple-pane windows provide unmatched durability, keeping your home comfortable. 

Additionally, triple-pane windows are top-of-the-line in terms of energy efficiency. Homes that opt for triple-pane windows typically see their energy efficiency improve by 20-30%, and a home in an area that experiences harsh winters can save 2-3% on energy bills.

casement and awning windows in a dining room
Luxurious modern dining room boasts a black dining table illuminated by a rectangular chandelier and surrounded by gray velvet dining chairs over taupe sisal rug finished with rustic console table.

Are Windows Offered at Window World of Denver Double- or Triple-Paned? 

Great question! Double-paned windows are available in all offered styles, but triple-paned is only available in a limited number of styles. This is the payoff for higher energy efficiency and weather and noise protection. Triple-paned windows are much heavier and therefore not suitable for some of our window styles. 

Unsure whether triple-paned windows are right for your home? Let’s cover the pros and cons. 

Pros of Triple-Pane Windows 

Cons of Triple-Pane Windows

Do Denver Homes Need Triple-Pane Windows?

If you’re looking for our recommendation, triple-pane windows are a good investment for the longevity and climate protection they offer your Colorado home. However, your specific circumstances will likely determine the final call here. 

Our Verdict: Triple-Pane is Worth It

With the warm summers and frigid winters of Colorado, your home is likely to benefit from the extra insulation triple-pane windows provide. Your home will be more comfortable year-round, you’ll save on your electric bills and you’ll enjoy a boost in curb appeal. Ready to get started? Schedule your free consultation today!

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