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5 Ways to Increase Window Privacy

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While curtains and blinds are the standard way to cover windows, sometimes you need an alternative. Whether your windows are oddly shaped, placed so that it’s difficult to hang window treatments, or you have children or pets and you’re concerned about their safety, curtains and blinds aren’t ideal for every home.

But leaving your windows without any kind of covering certainly isn’t ideal! How do you cover your windows for privacy without traditional window treatments? While it may be tempting to add a privacy glass DIY treatment to your windows, this could damage the glass and will void any warranty your windows may be under. In addition, these treatments are typically permanent, making it impossible to remove if you decide you no longer like it in the future. (And if you sell your home, prospective buyers may be turned off by the appearance.)

If it seems like there are no options left, we’re here to show you there are! We have five window privacy ideas that are either temporary or add curb appeal to your home.

5 Window Privacy Solutions

If you’re looking for alternative ways to cover windows for privacy, here are five ideas that don’t involve curtains or blinds:

1. Plants

Some windows are oddly shaped or positioned, making it hard to find window treatments for them. But not covering them might leave you feeling exposed. Greenery is a great way to solve this problem!

For sidelites on either side of your door, try large potted plants on the exterior of your home. In addition to adding privacy inside, these plants will make your outdoor entryway more welcoming. For windows inside your home, try creating a potted plant display on the sill. The plants will love all the sunlight and you’ll love the added privacy.

plants in front of sidelite windows

2. Privacy Screen

For a portable solution, try a privacy screen or room divider. These folding partitions are a great way to add privacy when you want it and when you don’t, the screen folds up neatly and can be stored out of the way.

Privacy screens can be found in a variety of styles and designs, making it easy to find one that fits your decor. Whether your home has a vintage, eclectic, or sleek modern style, there is a room divider for you!

privacy screen folding up

3. Exterior Shutters

Operable shutters, meaning they open and close, are a great solution for homeowners who can’t or don’t want to hang window treatments. In addition to opening and closing, some operable shutters have a tilt rod to open and close the slats, similar to blinds. This allows you to have privacy while still enjoying some natural light.

Unlike temporary solutions, exterior shutters have the added benefit of increasing your home’s curb appeal and even adding to the value of your home. Choosing a shutter style and color that complements your home’s exterior is a great way to make your home stand out in the neighborhood while giving you privacy from prying eyes.

exterior shutters opening and closing

4. Interior Barn Door Shutters

Indoor shutters? Yes! Barn door shutters are a very trendy way to cover your windows without curtains or blinds. These shutters are hung from a long rod above the window and simply slide open and closed, like a barn door.

While this type of shutter is most commonly seen in home with a rustic or farmhouse motif, they can be customized for any decor style. For instance, if you favor a modern aesthetic, try solid white shutters with a black rod and hardware.

barn door shutters opening and closing

5. Window Boxes

Another exterior solution, window boxes are a great way to add privacy to the inside of your home and curb appeal to the exterior. Creating a window box is easier than you think, but if you’re not the DIY type, you can purchase ready-made boxes at nearly any home improvement store.

Once you have your box attached, what kind of plants should you put in it? There is no shortage of plants that do well in window boxes, but to maximize privacy, choose one of these that are sure to thrive in Colorado’s climate:

  • Bamboo (Clump Bamboo and Green Panda Bamboo do especially well in Colorado)
  • Small evergreens like Dwarf Conifers
  • Hardy shrubs like Cheyenne Privet and Prairie Sage
  • Ornamental grasses like Blue Oat Grass and Feather Reed Grass
  • Colorful flowers like Yellow Alyssum and Rocky Mountain Columbine

While window boxes are traditionally placed underneath windows, placing them at the top of your window and choosing a vining plant is a great way to create maximum privacy!

window box in front of window

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