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3 Reasons to Replace Your Windows Before Winter

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In August the weather may be pleasant in Denver, but we all know that as we enjoy the crisp, mild autumn, we must also begin preparing for cold winter temperatures. This means it’s time to start making sure your home is in tip-top condition to handle snowy days, freezing temperatures and, perhaps most threatening, holiday visitors.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows Before Winter?

Here at Window World of Colorado, we think one of the most important aspects of your home, in both functionality and aesthetics, is your windows. And we promise that’s not just because window is in our name!

Windows serve a multitude of purposes, from protecting you from harsh elements of weather to adding curb appeal. When your windows aren’t up to par, it’s important to replace them as soon as possible. Just a few reasons we put together to assess the condition of, and replace your windows (if needed) before winter, include:

1. The right windows can save you money during the winter.

If you don’t already have energy-efficient windows, don’t wait any longer! Windows that are equipped with Low-e glass can help you reap a huge amount of savings during seasons of extreme weather. For example, in the winter, the Low-e glass from our energy-efficient windows allows warm solar rays into your home while the Intercept™ Spacer system keeps the edges of your windows warm, and traps the heated air inside your home so the air you pay to heat cannot escape. Alternatively in the summer, reduction in solar heat gain keeps your home cool and your air conditioning bill low. Low-e glass may increase the R-value of your window by an additional 104% in the winter.


2. Damaged windows may cause harm to your home.

If your current windows are worn, damaged or poorly sealed, it can cause damage to your home over time. For example, if your window is poorly sealed, you may lose quite a bit of the air you pay for to heat your home during the winter. Not to mention, if it snows or rains, a leak in your window could cause water damage, not only to your wall and the area surrounding your window, but also anything around it, such as furniture, carpets and draperies. If you need new windows, it’s best to go ahead and get them installed and put to work before temperatures drop.

3. New windows will improve your curb appeal.

Do you have holiday visitors coming this year? Perhaps you have been putting off several aesthetic projects that need to get done before long-lost relatives show up to stay? Don’t put them off any longer. You would be amazed at the difference that brand new replacement windows can make in your home! Not only will they look great, but they will also function better and serve as the perfect foundation for your favorite holiday decorations!

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Think it’s time for new windows, or simply want to learn more? We can help with both! Contact the experienced professionals at Window World of Denver if you have any questions or to schedule a free in-home or virtual estimate. We would love to help!

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