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2020 Interior Design Trends

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Here are a few of our favorite home design trends for this year:

Natural Materials & Sustainability

The past few years has put a larger focus on sustainability and natural materials, even in home decor. These materials are better for the environment and provide a warm, earthy feel to any space. To work this trend into your home, try natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and bamboo in your bedroom(s) and living room. In your kitchen, you can incorporate natural materials by installing beautifully unique reclaimed wood cabinets.

You can even integrate natural-looking materials in ways you might not have thought possible. Our windows combine energy-efficiency and the natural look you love. With energy-saving fiberglass frames and a beautiful light or dark oak finish, you’ll love the natural look, as well as the easy maintenance.

Bay and bow window showcases winterscape from dining room.

Large Windows

Along with adding natural materials to your home decor, large windows like bay and bow windows allow you to bring in more views of the outside. Bay windows are a combination of three windows that create one large, uninterrupted view. Bow windows combine four, five, or six window panels to invite even more natural light inside. These large windows create a feeling of openness, allow more natural light in, and expand your living space. 

Warm, Saturated Colors & Jewel Tones

Say goodbye to the neutrals and cool grays that have been in style over the past few years! We expect to see a lot of warm, saturated colors, and jewel tones in 2020. Peach, coral, and terracotta are among the most popular interior design colors at the moment, but yellows and pinks are also trending.

You can paint a statement wall one of these saturated colors or, if you’re feeling extra bold, an entire room. If you’d like to add these to your home decor in a less permanent way, try throw pillows, blankets, bedding, or even window treatments in jewel tones.


You can also say goodbye to swaths of solid colors and monochromatic color schemes. Patterns are in for 2020. Whether it’s a funky rug, fun throw pillows, or even a wallpapered statement wall, don’t be afraid to add patterns into your decor! The rule with this is that there aren’t any rules. Mix patterns to your heart’s content!

office with replacement window

Bold Trim

Ditching neutral color palettes also means getting rid of matching trim. Whether it’s around your windows, doors, or even your chair railing, try a bold or contrasting color. 

If you have a dark wall, make the trim on that wall light. Off-white or light gray walls? Go for dark gray, black, or brown. Our window frames are available in a wide variety of colors, depending on the style of window, so you can easily incorporate this trend into your home.

craftsman home with replacement entry door

Dark Front Doors

Bright front doors have been a major home design trend for a while, and they’re still a great choice. But if you’re looking for something different, try a dark front door. It’s dramatic and ultra-modern. Our black, eggplant, cranberry, and bronze entry doors are the perfect way to give your home a stylish touch.

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