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The Most Popular Entry Door Designs for 2021

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Want to find the best door style for your home? We recommend matching the door style with your house style to create a perfect marriage between the two. Read on to learn about the most popular house style and entry door combinations.

The Most Popular Entry Door & House Style Combinations

In addition to the gorgeous styles below, Window World entry doors are energy-efficient. This keeps your home more comfortable year round and saves you money on your energy bills each month. Explore the styles below.

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1. Cape Cod Style Entry Doors

Cape Cod house styles originated in the Northeast and are still popular throughout the U.S. today. These houses are easy to spot with their minimalist walkways with beautiful plants right beside the front door. 

To complete the Cape Cod look, we recommend entry doors with soft neutral colors and one large rectangular glass panel. Cape Cod-style homes have a beach or ocean-atmosphere, so a Stillwater Blue, Tan, or Colonial Blue could be the perfect finishing touch. 

Get the Look: Choose a neutral color with one large glass panel.

home with replacement windows

2. Contemporary Style Entry Doors

Contemporary-style homes incorporate the postmodernist architectural movement into home design. These modern homes showcase futuristic features such as asymmetrical house shapes, huge pools, and innovative walkways. 

Contemporary style homes pair well with bold, eye-catching door colors without glass panels. For example, if you have a grey and black Contemporary-style house, try a Valli Red or a Cranberry color door to add a pop of color. Bold colors can blend into a postmodern color scheme. 

Get the Look: Choose a bold colored door with minimal glass panels.

House in a neighborhood with a red entry door

3. Craftsman Style Entry Doors

Although Craftsman-style homes originated in the early 20th century, you can still find them all across America. Craftsman-style homes use everyday materials, such as brick and wood finishes, to style the outside of the home. Typical Craftsman features include brick columns and porches. 

Since Craftsman-style homes have a rustic look, try a wood color door with a small rectangular glass pane. Red and brown colors could work well with cobblestone walkways and porches.  

Get the Look: Choose a brown or red door with one glass panel.

craftsman home with replacement entry door

4. Mid-Century Modern Style Entry Doors

Mid-Century Modern-style homes started a few decades after the modernist movement in the middle of the 20th century. You can instantly recognize these homes by their signature flat layout, triangular roofs, and constant glass windows throughout the house. 

To complement the mid-century style design, you can choose a brightly colored front door. This will really pop against your home’s exterior, whether it’s dark or light, and add some extra curb appeal.

Get the Look: Choose a bright door with minimal glass panels.

mid century modern home with replacement windows

5. Ranch Style Entry Doors

Ranch-style homes are one of the most popular style homes throughout the American southwest. These one-story, asymmetrical homes are an excellent choice for homeowners who want easy access to their outdoor spaces. 

To complement your ranch-style home, try a door with a dark color and at least two rectangular glass panels. We recommend a Hunter Green or a Dark Bronze. This door style matches the flat structure of ranch-style homes well, making it the best front doors for ranch style homes. 

Door choice: Dark colors and two rectangular glass panels. 

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