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How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost Here in Denver?

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So, you’ve lived in your home for a while and you’re tired of those drafty old windows driving up your utility bills each month. Maybe you’ve recently purchased a home, but the existing windows just don’t provide the curb appeal you desire. Whatever the situation, if you own a home in the Greater Denver area, chances are you’ll need to replace your windows at some point along the way. But, how much do replacement windows cost? That’s the million-dollar question…and fortunately for us all, it doesn’t come with a million-dollar answer!

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General Window Pricing

The truth is, the cost will depend heavily on two things: what you want, and who you buy from. Like any customizable product, you can go with the standard option or add bells and whistles for a more premier option, depending on your wants and needs.  At Window World of Denver, we’re proud to offer our standard single hung replacement window starting at $299. This window is made from quality virgin vinyl, meets all Colorado state energy requirements and is backed by a lifetime warranty.  From there, we offer a wide range of replacement window styles with additional features to increase design and energy efficiency, such as:

On average, the typical cost for our most popular replacement windows falls between $400 – $500 which includes a lifetime warranty.  Now, that’s not to say all replacement window dealers in Denver can offer windows within this rage.  In fact, other window providers in our area would sell an equivalent window for as high as $1,000-$2,000.  The reason for the pricing difference is in our name! Window World is the largest replacement window company in America, and because we buy our windows at such high volume, we’re able to pass those cost savings along to you; unlike other Denver area dealers.

Package Pricing Offers

Need more than just a single window? No problem! Some of our most common residential projects include the installation of multiple windows and a sliding patio door. Here are a few examples of what seven windows plus a patio door would cost.  We also provide additional product pricing information on our Pricing Guide page.

7 x 1500 Series Windows with Double Pane Energy Saving Glass + 1 Standard Patio Door

$6,000 or $125/Month*
7 x 3000 Series Windows with Double Pane Energy Saving Glass + 1 Premium Patio Door

$6,800 or $140/Month*
7 x 4000 Series Windows with Triple Pane Energy Saving Glass + 1 Premium Patio Door

$7,500 or $155/Month*

*Financing with approved credit, based on 60 months @ 7.99%, see store for details.  All prices and rates are current as of the time of this entry, subject to change.

Free In-Home Estimate

Since all of our replacement windows and doors are custom-made-to-order, the best way to get an exact quote is to schedule a no-obligation free in-home or virtual estimate with us. With that said, we understand that pricing is top of mind for nearly all homeowners even when simply considering a home improvement project, so hopefully, this post has given you a better idea of what you can expect from Window World of Denver.

Happy renovating! 

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