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Common Misconceptions About Low-E Glass Windows

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If you’re shopping around for replacement windows for your Denver-area home, you’ve probably heard a lot of different pros and cons for various types of windows, especially between competing companies. That can majorly complicate your decision, especially when your home is racking up more expensive monthly utility bills thanks to the energy loss from your current windows! We’ll define our windows’ glass component, Low-E glass, and debunk some myths you may be hearing during your window buying process. 

What is Low-E Glass?

The glass in your windows makes a bigger impact on your home’s comfort than you may think! Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass has two big net positives: it shields your home from the sun’s harmful UV rays and helps keep your home a more comfortable temperature year-round, both of which lead to lowered monthly energy bills

Low-E glass is treated with a microscopic metallic coating designed to filter out UV light that would otherwise enter your home, leading to faded furniture and wall paints. 


Myth vs. Fact: The Truth About Low-E Glass

Let’s unpack some of the common myths you may hear about Low-E glass and lay out the truth of what you can expect from Window World replacement products. 

Myth 1: Low-E Glass Only Saves Energy in Cold Seasons

You may have heard that Low-E glass is only effective in colder climates since it traps heat from the sun inside your home, helping to keep your home toasty warm in the winter. That’s only a partial truth, though. Low-E glass works year-round to maintain your home’s consistent temperature and, by blocking UV rays, it also keeps those rays from heating your home further in the summer months. 

Myth 2: Low-E Glass Darkens Your Home

Have you heard that Low-E glass’s metallic coating makes it less effective at bringing beautiful natural light into your home? This is definitely a myth. As mentioned above, the Low-E coating is on a microscopic level, meaning it wouldn’t impact the sun’s ability to pass through and bring sunshine into your home’s interior. It’s transparent to our eyes! 

Myth 3: Low-E Glass is Costly and Not Worth the Investment

While Low-E glass is a premium product, we pride ourselves on bringing quality at an affordable price point. Most importantly though, it’s definitely worth the investment! With Low-E glass, you have a year-round measure that helps regulate your home’s temperature without sacrificing on natural light. 

Myth 4: Low-E Glass Requires Special Maintenance

This is definitely a myth! Low-E glass, like most glass types, needs a simple scrub with your standard glass cleaning solution when you notice streaking or minor debris. Beyond that, though, it shouldn’t require any additional maintenance. As with most vinyl windows, it’s a low-maintenance product. 

Myth 5: 3-Layer Low-E Glass is Less Effective 

3-layer Low-E glass has been triple-coated with that microscopic metallic coating for more effective coverage from UV rays. It’s the gold standard package for protecting your home and providing energy efficiency. 

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Ready to Transform Your Home?

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