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Make Your Home Sustainable with Eco-Friendly Windows and Doors

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Earth Day 2022 is just around the corner, and this year’s theme calls us to invest in our planet. And while that may seem like a tall order, you can start supporting the earth’s health on a smaller scale: right at home. Interested in living more sustainably at home, but unsure how to begin? With small, impactful adjustments to your home’s design, you can actually reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. Learn how with our tips below!

How to Foster an Environmentally-Friendly Home

If you’ve seen an increase in your monthly electricity bill or have noticed inconsistent temperatures throughout your home, it may be time to replace your windows. But keeping your home comfortable year-round can be tricky with older, single-pane windows. A double or triple-pane window creates a greater barrier between the outdoors and indoors, making it more difficult for outside temperatures to impact interior spaces. 

Eco-friendly Windows

Greener choices at home aren’t just helpful for the environment—they’re also a boon for your budget! Today’s eco-friendly windows, doors and appliances can help limit energy waste, leading to lower utility bills and a more comfortable home.

Beyond the number of panes and pane thickness, glass type can also have an impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Windows made of low-E glass reduce temperature shifts between rooms by blocking UV ray transmission while allowing visible light to enter. Further efficiency comes from warm-edge spacers that act as insulation for sealed windows and vinyl framing for maximum heat containment and draft-reduction.  

Eco-friendly Doors

As entry and exit points for your home, exterior doors play a large role in your home’s energy efficiency and can support the efforts of your windows. Durable, well-built doors are less likely to warp or degrade, keeping harsh weather elements at bay year-round. And core insulation provides protection against interior heat loss. Weatherstripping creates an airtight seal around your door, preventing air leakage at the top, bottom and sides of the door.    

Eco-Friendly Home Ideas

While you can conserve your home’s energy through eco-friendly exterior products, other practices and smart appliances can help increase your energy efficiency. Try implementing some of the practices below to do even more for your energy bills—and the planet.

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 With Window World of St. Louis

Your comfort at home doesn’t have to come with a high carbon footprint—or monthly utility payment. Energy-efficient doors and windows can help you meet your energy and sustainability goals. Interested in learning more about eco-friendly exterior remodeling? Contact Window World of Colorado today!

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