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Is Your Home Winter Ready?

With winter just around the corner, residents of Colorado are gearing up for a snowy and frigid season full of plummeting temperatures. At Window World of Colorado, we understand that despite the weather outside, it’s imperative that you and your family stay warm, and safe, inside. We’ve put together four tips and tricks to help… Read more »


7 Ways to Go Green in Your Colorado Home

Are you doing everything you can to reduce your carbon footprint? It’s no secret that Colorado residents are crazy about nature. Our beautiful state offers some of the best outdoor recreational activities, scenic nature and air quality in the United States. But, are our residents truly doing everything they can to reduce their carbon footprints… Read more »


It’s Summer in Colorado! Is Your Backyard Space Prepared?

Check out a few tips for updating your Denver patio or backyard! Though July is historically the hottest month in Denver, June has certainly given it a run for its money! With temperatures skyrocketing into the 90s, Denver residents have been experiencing a heat wave for several weeks now. However, as most Denver residents know,… Read more »


5 Ways to Successfully Manage a New Home Restoration Project

Colorado Home

Home Restoration Advice from Window World of Colorado Are you taking on a new home restoration project? Here at Window World of Colorado, we understand it’s a lot to handle, but we’re here to tell you it’s not impossible. As the Denver housing market takes the lead for “hottest market” in the United States, here… Read more »


How to Stay Warm in this Winter Weather

We don’t know about you, but here at Window World of Colorado, this month’s weather has surprised us all! According to CBS Denver, as of February 24th, Denver was just 4.9 inches shy of meeting the all-time February snowfall record, which was 22.1 inches in 1912. Last week’s storm left about 10.5 inches of snow to keep us all nice and cool as we see February out, and a storm that’s expected to drop this week could break the 22.1 inch snowfall record…


2014 Window World Customer? You May be Eligible for a Tax Credit

Last month President Obama signed into law the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 (HR 5571). The bill covers a number of situations that would allow citizens to receive a tax break from 2014 expenses, but one in particular stands out for the home improvement industry. According to Door & Window Market Magazine, “Section 25C allows individuals to update the tax credit for a portion of the amount paid on qualified energy efficiency improvements and residential energy property expenditures”….



The weather is starting to turn ugly and before you know it, winter will be here along with the snow, ice and cold. This year’s farmer’s almanac is calling for an even colder winter then us Coloradan’s are used to. Prepping your home for a Denver winter (winterization) is not only beneficial in keeping your electricity bills in check, but it’s also important for keeping you and your family safe…


Green Cleaning

Here at Window World of Colorado, we are all about going green! Last month we discussed how going green can benefit both your health, and your wallet. One of the easiest (and most fun!) ways to go green is by switching to homemade cleaning solutions, such as laundry detergent and bathroom cleaning solution, that can be made with ingredients you likely already have in your cabinets…


Are Energy Efficient Windows Better in Extreme Weather?

Low energy windows

If there is one thing that the residents of the mile-high city understand, it’s extreme weather. Winters in Denver, Boulder and surrounding Colorado areas can be harsh to say the least. And, once the snow has finally melted, and you’re in the clear from the cold, warm summers are just around the corner. While Colorado summers don’t quite compare to the extremity of our winters, the weather does quickly jump…